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Everyone Speaks.
Not Everyone Is Heard.

We all have a natural leadership voice. Most people don't know what that voice is and so they misuse it. This causes problems in the work place destroying collaboration, contributing to high turnover and leaving 82% of team members feeling misunderstood and undervalued. 


The modern landscape demands Leaders that lead with INFLUENCE among their teams and not just positional authority. That's why we believe we must create

Leaders worth following.

All conflict within teams come from five key areas.



A breakdown in communication contributes to drama, unnecessary conflict, and inefficiency.



A breakdown in relationships creates gossip, mistrust, turf wars, and toxic environments.



A breakdown in alignment create wasted effort, duplicate work, lost time, and division.



A breakdown in execution creates unmet goals, missed deadlines, blown budgets, and damaged credibility.



A breakdown in capacity creates burnout, turnover, missed opportunities, and stagnation.

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How do we solve this?


For Individuals

We provide self-study online leadership training and coaching sessions in person or virtual to help you become a leader worth following.


This includes access to a leadership coach that supports you in the process – answering questions along the way and jumping on 1:1 calls to help process through individual learnings or challenges you are facing.

For Teams

We focus on strengthening your entire team around 5 crucial metrics – Communication, Relationship, Alignment, Execution, and Capacity.

Our Leadership Development platform fits organizations of different sizes and provides team leaders and members the opportunity to sit with a coach to tackle team issues together.


Our workshops are designed for 10-200 people using the GiANT WorldWide 5 Voices System. This system identifies our Leadership Voices, teaches us how to use our voice, how they interact with others and how we can build a bridge between them for healthier more productive teams.

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Watching a Movie


Keynote addresses create a spark that motivates people, and inspires change. Our keynote addresses focus on finding the spark that helps find the leader within and help it become unstuck.


Meet Ivan.

I spent years facing road blocks in my career. I tried to excel, promote, or get recognized for my efforts…and eventually, when it started working out, I destroyed relationships along the way. Then I became a leader and things changed—I had to lead people. This was a struggle because knowing the job requires a completely different set of skills than leading others. 


I began to learn that my leadership behaviors both at home and at work impacted those around me whether I knew it or not. Subtle verbal remarks, loud non-verbals and an array of behaviors that were hindering my growth and influence with those around me. Eventually I learned that we all have a voice, but we all feel unheard and undervalued. This creates low performance in our teams, destroys relationships and causes Leaders to lose influence and rarely hear the truth from their people. 


My mission is to bridge this gap and help people new leaders discover their voice to lead better, couples to reimagine communication, and drive stagnant teams to perform better. When we do this, we create leaders people WANT to follow, not have to follow and build places everyone wants to work for. 

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Start your journey today.

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